Until March 2020, like many other companies, 80% of Directskills employees worked from the office. Since then, employees and managers can work remotely between 1 and 5 days a week, depending on the teams and in accordance to government regulations.

Working remotely is now part of a global reflection aiming to define new workstyles within the company, with the direct support from employees across several projects groups :

  • Creating a code of conduct for remote working in order to make it effective and enjoyable.
  • Development of a software and hardware « home office kit » including the delivery of high quality headsets and options for a secundary screen and confortable office chair to secure a good video-conferencing experience.
  • Setting Interaction rules amongst employees and notably the type of meetings which can be held remotely and meetings which need to be done face to face.
  • Defining the legal framework of remote working aligned with employeed needs
  • Internal reflection on the office workspace of the future, combining companies objectives with employees requests.


The direct and implied benefits of telework for DIRECTSKILLS employees were the following:

  • A better work-life balance.
  • Work efficiency increased driven by better concentration of individuals, while doing individual work.
  • The possibility to start the day in better conditions, being more relaxed.
  • More informal exchanges in conf call mode vs on site open space communication.
Remote working

Those learnings show the need to transform work habits and workstyles. This is why Directskills is looking to implement from now-on:

  • The TECH team is now accepting full time remote contributors and looking for candidates across the entire French territory.
  • Customer support team members generally come 1 or 2 days per week in the office and keep the continous link with their customer in a remote way
  • Those new organisation methods give the opportunity for some of our employees to leave the greater Paris Area to settle in more greener areas, while keeping their jobs, missions and accountabilities.

For those enjoying spending more time in the office:

Working remotely may not fit to everyone. We have therefore decided to invest into new modern well equiped co-working facilities in the heart of Paris with easy access to public transportation. This leave the choice for employees to come and meet more often if required.

Remote hiring:

Lucille has been hired based on a 100% remote process:

«Being still active in my previous job when I was approached by Directskills, I had not a lot of time to dedicate to my job search. Directskills fully remote hiring process was a true advantage. Hiring interviews could be set easily freeing up my time and allowing me to get organized effectively.»

Our ambition is to double our employee numbers by 2023 ! We are looking for candidates in the Paris area, but open to consider candicacies coming from the rest of France for TECH remote roles.

To ease the process we propose to our candidates to carry out the different stages of the recruitment process remotely, while it is still possible that the manager will conduct a final face to face meeting. Since January 2021 we have already completed 5 recruitments 100% remotely!

Digital afterworks and team coffee:

The team coffee is an informal meeting concept set up in response to government restrictions, organized 3 times a week, allowing employees to exchange informally to break the routine of remote work.