Témoignage de Swanhilde

«Thanks to remote working, I better manage my work/life balance creating better relationships with the company.»

I joined DIRECTSKILLS in 2015 as a sales assistant to strengthen the sales team and improve the sales engagement process, while the company was growing.

I was in charge of customer relations, contract management, purchase orders and invoicing, then I evolved on business management missions, administrative, financial and HR missions and I am now responsible for these departments.

HAS DIRECTSKILLS been able to adapt to your personal needs?

Indeed, after the birth of my daughter, I asked for a 4/5th part time contract to be able to reconcile my personal life and my professional life. The company has, once again, trusted me despite the reduction in my working time.

How do you feel at DIRECTSKILLS?

My work is very diversified, I need to be able to master at the same time various subjects and respond to both internal and external stakeholders. It therefore requires a great deal of rigour and organization.

The trust I receive from the company is a great source of satisfaction. I do feel listened, my suggestions and ideas to improve processes are taken into account across all my missions with the management board and the rest of the team.

I am also delighted that we have been able to adapt my function to remote work and today, we have managed to digitize 99% of the Administrative, HR and Sales Operations departments

I manage my work life balance the way which works for me best, creating the condition for healthy relationships with the company.

A good souvenir to share with us?

The 1st barbecue on the terrace that I organized was a success, I was very proud and very happy to see everyone participating. We all had a great time. It was friendly, everyone contributed as in “a family”. Some set the table, others had done the shopping, or prepared cakes… It was great!