Applying the best resources for your needs:

The first – and often most significant – source of workforce savings can come from using available internal resources before hiring temporary workers.

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Directskills: The way to cost savings in staffing.

Our promise is to ensure you a direct and quick access to efficient candidates that already know your company and business. Why? Because it will guarantee you the expected results, a strong trust to the workers, and concrete cost savings in staffing. Indeed, by recruiting already operational people, you gain efficiency and time, so you save spendings that could make a great difference in your profitability.

How do we ensure cost savings in staffing?

We’re convinced that simplicity is a game changer in all companies’ processes, especially in staffing ones. By creating a fully automated and performant staffing software solution, we wanted to build a new recruiting and managing tool for companies that would bring them concrete efficiency benefits and cost savings in staffing. By automatizing these processes, we help recruiters to focus serenely on other matters, and to optimize their business management.

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Error-free processing: Using the platform ensures all contracts and payroll processes are correct and applied to every single contract, remove the potential for billing errors at the source.