The DIRECTSKILLS platform lets you manage your urgent resource needs in real time

  • It first looks for permanent employees in your company with the necessary and available qualifications.
  • Next, it selects former short-term contractors, temporary workers or trainees who also have the necessary skills – allowing you to contact them directly to confirm their availability.
  • You can review job applications received through your temporary work agencies to meet your regular needs
  • And you can arrange direct interviews with agencies to cover any unmet needs
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For selected profiles, DIRECTSKILLS will help to establish the most suitable contract (CDD, Interim in delegation or management) under the best legal framework.

At the end of the fully automated process, our platform will ask you to evaluate the results – to enrich your company’s talent pool and help meet your future resource needs.

Create your own talent pool

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Dive into Directskills: Your Premier Pool of Talent for Precise, Qualitative Hiring

Forget all these times you struggled to find the right candidates to respond rightfully to your company’s needs. Availability, professional skills, human qualities, with Directskills you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. With our pool of talents, we provide a precise and qualitative sorting to help you find available and trustworthy people that presents all your hiring requirements.