Led by an outstanding CTO, and driven by best-in-class technology, our tech team is able to work remotely from any location in France. The team is currently expanding and is looking for more talents.


Each member of our Customer Services team is involved in continuous process improvement and customer satisfaction. The team features project managers (BUILD and RUN), and customer support managers.

Customer services

Each member of our Customer Services team is involved in continuous process improvement and customer satisfaction. The team features project managers (BUILD and RUN), and customer support managers.

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing function is being restructured to aid our expansion, with the task of engaging new customers and building the DIRECTSKILLS brand.

Collaboration involves integrating and understanding individual perspectives to develop effective interactions. Participating in a joint effort to shape DIRECTSKILLS, building from each other between managers, collaborators, customers and partners. Because to us, collective intelligence is as important as the sum of individual skills.

Our collective ambition is to surpass ourselves individually and to innovate and fulfill our aspirations. We achieve this through an attitude of openness and curiosity that delivers satisfaction to our colleagues and clients. Every DIRECTSKILLS employee must be proactive, contribute to the shared vision of the company, and have a positive attitude to change and challenge.

Respect is a state of mind. It’s also an attitude of thoughtfulness and care, to ourselves and each other, which helps establish a climate of trust and security, easing the development of relationships and projects.

Engagement is the individual and collective, moral and contractual responsibility that drives the internal and external actions of each DIRECTSKILLS employee to achieve success.

Employee testimonials

Remote working at Directskills

Until March 2020, like many other companies, our employees were ‘in the office’ for an average of 80% of working hours. Now, we give most of our teams the option to work in the office between 1 and 5 days a week, without restrictions.
Discover the involvement of employees in the implementation and operation of telework at DIRECTSKILLS.

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FOW - Future Of Work

What does the future of work look like? Over the last 12 months, we have undertaken several collaborative projects on, with the aim of reorganizing the company, facilitating processes and implementing shared best practices.
Together, our employees are helping to redefine and reshape their working environment.

The work-life culture at Directskills

We believe in collaborative and people-first management, and always aim strike a good balance between guidance and autonomy. All our employees are accountable for their everyday work, as well as the future of their company, today and tomorrow.

Management communication is open and transparent, notably via monthly meetings that keep everyone informed on the progress of crucial projects. All our employees are invited to exchange, participate and build DIRECTSKILLS in a holistic way.

Our HR policy focuses on the wellbeing and development of our employees.

We offer a competitive remuneration package, as well as personalized support in building personal skills and competencies such as unlimited languages courses (e.g. Babbel for Business).

We also deliver personalized integration and onboarding plans for all new employees.

To maintain a warm and human-centric atmosphere, we regularly organize social events and gatherings, to help our people make connections, improve teamwork and collaboration and bond with their colleagues! We host weekly digital ”Teams cafes”, after-work activities and fun seminars!

We have also chosen new modern co-working facilities located in the heart of Paris.

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Opened positions

We are looking for talented people to help us continue our expansion in France and across Europe. Choose a role and secure your future with us.

Project manager

Customer support specialist

Full stack and architecture expert

Field marketing lead

Sales Development Representative

Sales and Marketing Lead