Full integration

All interim and temporary contracts incorporated into your HR reporting

Reliable workforce provisions

Reliable workforce provisions automatically put onto your books before the end of each month

A single database

A single database that covers your entire workforce


Secures and fully responsive API and SFTP feeds

Our answer

Our API standards and SFTP feeds ensure information is transferred swiftly and safely

Full integration with your existing information systems

(1) The single sign link is an easy way for users to access the app without reconnecting. It’s also a valuable security feature as the simple removal of central rights is enough to remove the user’s rights should they leave the company.

(2) DIRECTSKILLS sends all necessary interim and contractual data to the HRIS.

(3) DIRECTSKILLS recovers enriched score data from the HRIS, which will be automatically valued.

(4) DIRECTSKILLS sends ERP billing data and dematerialized invoices.

(5) DIRECTSKILLS addresses provisions.

(6) DIRECTSKILLS syncs with the ERP, or any other system, to have an up-to-date organizational, analytical and legal repository, with each mission (or even every hour) to be allocated.

(7) DIRECTSKILLS provides companies with web services that inform their decision making and reporting.